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Now You See It Review

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Title: Now You See It
Author: Teresa Roblin

The harder she resists him, the faster her clothes will vanish.

Outspoken Sarah Santorelli hides her sensitive side behind a gruff personality. Fear of abandonment causes her to manipulate romantic relationships to avoid involving her heart. But when her prying aunt casts a spell on her, Sarah ends up on a voyage of discovery on the open seas.

The problem? Every time Sarah lets her guard down, instead of casting off her emotional barriers —the spell makes an item of clothing disappear.

Anthony Mancini has clawed his way to the top. Along the way he’s become a workaholic, putting the demands of his company above those he loves. That’s how he lost Sarah, and he wants a second chance to prove he’s changed.

Thanks to Aunt Lilly’s spell, and a week-long European cruise, stripping Sarah of her defenses just got easier. 

I fell in love with this magical story. It was sweet, well intentioned and had the most amazing characters! I loved Aunt Lily so much. Her schemeing was well intentioned but her magic spells always back fire on her. 

Sarah and Anthony had a history, Anthony lost Sarah when she was sick of being put on the back burner. She wanted a man who would put her first, not last. Can't really blame her. Even though it was hard for her, she walked away. But when she meets her Aunt Lily's new best friend and tries to convince her grandson to let the two women go on a cruise together, lo and behold it's Anthony who walks through her door. Anthony knows just how to manipulate the situation, because he talks Sarah into going with them. Without telling her he plans to go as well!

Sarah's character was beautifully written. Her insecurities show through completely and her need to be loved is just below the surface of her personality. Sarah is just a woman who has already been severely hurt by the man she loved. Leaving Anthony was hard on her, but she understood why it had to be done. I think what drew me to her the most was the fact that Teresa Roblin included her insecurities, pain, and reservations in her character. She wasn't the typical happy-go-lucky female lead in romance novels.

Anthony was well written as well. He is cast as the typical workaholic, but with a twist. He knows he needs to win Sarah back. He can even understand why she left, but wants nothing more than to prove he could be the type of man she needs. He is bound and determined to get her back, like last week. Attractive, intelligent, ruthless and determined makes one heck of a male lead. Anthony struck me as someone who would knock down skyscrapers to get what he wanted. 

What I loved most about the characters in this book was that they were normal. They weren't higher than thou lead characters, they had faults, fears, laughter and love. Even more important they had a desire to be more, be better.

Ok, now I normally don't write up the supporting characters in a book however, Aunt Lily really needs to be mentioned in this review. She made the story for me. I loved the two main characters but Aunt Lily added a whole new level to this book. Is it wrong to want to adopt a character of a book? Because I really want to adopt Aunt Lily. She needs to come live with me! She was a hoot in this book. Her meddling was well intentioned, even when she pretended to get lost in a port of call and miss the cruise. And that spell? Total backfire, I don't think that was what she was going for but with Aunt Lily, who really knows?
 “You’re doing this because you’re an incorrigible busybody who doesn’t know when to mind her own damn business.” She needed to get her aunt’s mind off this ridiculous nonsense of playing with magic. “Instead of blowing up the house, help me unpack these bags.” Sarah pushed a grocery bag toward her and unpacked the other.

The plot was humorous and well written. Honestly, I laughed constantly though out this book. It moved along at a nice pace and engaged me completely. The story was sweet, funny, quirky and magical. Everything the synopsis claimed it would be! There wasn't many lulls and everything came together very nicely in the end. 

I would recommend this book to anyone! 

I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!

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