Sunday, April 6, 2014

Author Interview with N. Isabelle Blanco!

Well we have a special treat this week! The author of Blood Stained Tranquility has decided to stop in!   Follow her on Goodreads!

Interview with N. Isabelle Blanco- Blood Stained Tranquility

1. What are you personal beliefs about love and destiny?
Nooo. As I’ve said in other interviews, I can’t fully get into this topic without it becoming a lecture of unprecedented proportions. LOL

But in a nutshell?

Newton’s Third Law; Life is b****; & Love makes Life seem like an innocent, benevolent force.

2. Who was more fun to write Evesse or Zeniel and why?
I loved them both. Zen because of how he and Mavrak both hungered for Eve. And Evesse? Well...she got to have the yuminess that is Zen. How can that not be fun? (And, Oh God, it was. Over 120,000 words once finished, and it still wasn’t enough for me :p)

3. If you were a god what would your power/emotion be?
Rage/ Destruction. *Gives her family and friends the side-eye* See? I can be honest.

4. What inspires your story lines?
They really just pop into my head on their own. There’s  no real planning involved when it comes to my stories. Now research? That’s a whole nother thing. Google hates me by now.

6. What do you fear most about being an author?
Honestly? Failure. This is an extremely tough and competitive career. It involves so much time and sacrifice. No human being wants to give that much up and walk away having failed.

7. Who is your favourite writer?
Man, there isn’t really just one, but if I must chose, I have to go with Kresley Cole. Hands-down. She owns me.

8. How many more Szolites novels can we expect?
I never get into the exact number of how many. That’s something that will depend on how well the next three or four novels go. I have 8 more planned as of right now, but that number can always be expanded. 

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