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I am open to working with various authors, publishers, publicists, and literary agencies. I would love to hear about your book as well. 

What I do/don't accept:

My preferred genres are YA, Horror, Paranormal romance/suspence, Romance, Erotica, Adventure, Dystopian and Steampunk. I WILL ALWAYS CONSIDER other genres as well. If a book catches my attention, I will read it. 
I prefer and priority is given to print copies of books.

While I try to review EVERY book sent to me, my acceptance of your book does not guarantee a review. It simply means I am agreeing to consider it for review. The order in which I review books, when I do review them, is at my discretion.

I confirm receipt of all books via email

I look forward to working with you, and becoming a part of the book promotional process!
To contact me please send an email to

Book Reviews:

I prefer physical copies of the book, but will take an Ebook under the right circumstances at this time. Please use the link to submit a request or feel free to email me at

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*Priority is given to author's I have previously worked with*

Guest Posts:

Please click on the link below to contact us if you are an author that would like to guest post on Lizzie in Wonderland!

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Author Interviews:

If you would like to participate in author interviews, please click the link below and fill out the answers to the questions. When you receive your email confirmation it will contain the date the interview will post, and I will contact you shortly confirming that I received them and to follow up in case you have any questions!

Author Interview

I can also be reached via email @


  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    I've been trying to reach you via email about The Stolen Herd VBT, but my emails keep bouncing back. Can you email me at ccmal(at)charter(dot)net?



  2. I'm having the same issue. The email provided is saying permanent failure