Monday, November 4, 2013

Scotland and Dragons? Yes, Please!

 Peebles, Scotland
Peebles, as viewed from the south.

I cannot be the only writer who struggles with finding THE 'perfect' location for my story. I have been searching around the globe to locate that one magical place that spoke to me, where I could see my characters coming alive. It is important to me that my characters and location meld simultaneously, I obviously don't want to put a mermaid in the middle of Manhattan or a Dragon in the middle of Hawaii. 

Neidpath Castle
I think every other writer spends hours trying to figure out the perfect setting for their book. A rich history gives authors something to write about. A basis if you will, allowing us to take stories and manipulate them so that our story is believable. After all, we want our writings to transport our readers somewhere magical. I have an affinity for all things magical, but I also prefer books that fall into a fantasy/paranormal realm. My latest kick has been dragons, and I have been working on a story in my head for about two months now. While researching places (hence the abandoned castles post) I stumbled across Neidpath Castle, located approximately one mile west of Peebles, Scotland. Na Pùballan, in Scottish Gaelic. Peebles, Scotland is the PERFECT location for a book setting. 

Let's take another look at Neidpath Castle, which is absolutely stunning. Yes, it is nothing but ruins. But we are all authors perfectly capable of letting our imagination run absolutely rampant. Believed to have originally been built between 1263 and 1266, it has seen many years. It even has it's own ghost story, that of 'The Maid of Neidpath'! Oh I love haunted places and this castle is turning out to be no different.

The River Tweed
The city of Peebles is just so beautiful! A burgh located in Peeblesshire, the River Tweed runs through it. With a population of approximately 10,000 it is not overly large. So naturally I am thinking that there should be dragons flying above, wreaking havoc. Probably set in the 13th century right after the tower for St. Andrews Church was finished.  What, your mind doesn't work like mine? Ok well let me share some more information about Peebles with you. I believe you will start to see it through my eyes.

That St. Andrews Church I mentioned is still there. Well at least the tower still remains in the graveyard. There is also a church which is mostly ruins there called Cross Kirk, built in 1261. There is so much history residing in a small town, it is unbelievable.The surroundings are just beautiful. It really is a picturesque little town.

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