Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Marilyn Phillips: Featured Author of the Week

All information is taken off of Marilyn Phillips blog: Marilyn's Mystery Blog

About Marilyn Phillips

Hi! My name is Marilyn and I live on the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria (Australia). I am married to my first and only love, Richard and we have two beautiful children.
From the moment I could first read, I loved books. Every week when my Mum and Dad would take me shopping, instead of asking for toys like most kids, I would request a little Golden Book. As I grew older and my reading skills improved, I graduated to books like The Wishing Chair and The Magic Faraway Tree. Enid Blyton was, without a doubt, my favourite author during my primary school years.
When I entered High School, I spent many hours in the library - not so much to study, but rather, to scour the shelves for books which I would then borrower and devour. Often, in one sitting.
It was during this time, when I began to create stories in my mind. Stories which I would relay to my best friend adnauseam. One day, she suggested that I should write them down. However, having reached the final two years of High School, and with my focus very much on my studies, I never managed to commit them to paper.

It is only now, many years later, with the children at school and hours of uninterrupted time, that I have finally managed to fulfill a life long dream of putting my thought into printed words. For those of you who take the time, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Mystery Falls Series:

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