Sunday, February 23, 2014

Author Interview with Georgina Hannan!

Today we are sitting down with author Georgina Hannan, who has just completed the third book in her Cursed Trilogy. 

Please tell us a little about your self.

GH: I am 24 from Surrey, England. I am a writer and an IT Consultant.
I love writing and love escaping to my own world. I have a playful cat called Jaz and enjoy movies and relaxing with loved ones.

What is the most recent book you wrote? Can you tell us about it?

GH:I have just finished writing Absolution, book 3 in my Cursed Trilogy. It sees the main character Daisy find her answers on an emotional journey which tests all her relationships.

What genre do you usually write? Have you branched out into others?

GH:I tend to write Young Adult Paranormal, however I have a few ideas for romance as well.

Do you currently have in projects in the works?

GH:Yes, I am editing Absolution, writing 2 spin-off stories to the Cursed Trilogy. Planning and writing a new Paranormal story, as well as planning and writing a romantic comedy.

Do you have any rituals when you finish writing a book?

GH:Not really, mostly I have a little book signing party for my friends and family at my house. Otherwise, it's straight on to marketing & the next books.

Who is your favorite author?

GH:Lauren Kate & Karen Mahoney

What inspired you to start writing?

GH:I'm not completely sure. When I was 14 it started from a school project. After that I just had an idea bug me from my trip to Dartmoor, Devon and I just had to write it.

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