Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Artifact Hunter

Title: The Artifact Hunter
Author: JT Lewis
Format: Ebook
Series: Book #1


Finding an old yet infamous desk, Jesse Flanagan thinks he has died and gone to heaven when he also finds a mysterious old document hidden inside of it. Feeling like the luckiest man in the world, he turns to his old friend Abraham to have the items evaluated and put up for sale.

Arriving at Abe’s shop the next morning however, he stumbles upon the gruesome sight of his friend…murdered!

Removing the items to his own warehouse, he can only assume that Abe has been killed during a robbery attempt until he suddenly finds his own life in peril!

Accidentally killing the man sent to kill him, Jesse must now go on the run as he tries to figure out who is after him…and why.


I absolutely loved this book! I hope JT Lewis writes more stories about Jesse Flanagan! I was excited when I read at the end that hopefully there would be more, so my fingers are definitely crossed. Honestly, I read this book in one sitting; I just couldn’t put it down.

I loved how we got the story in both past and present; the flipping back and forth could get a little confusing. In my opinion it only added to the charm of the story overall. I didn’t find it to distracting and it was wonderful to see how everything played out in the end.

Characters: Jesse Flanagan was extremely detailed and well developed. I loved the antiquity dealer long before the action started (not that you have to wait long for it)! Even the supporting characters in this book were detailed. You can understand their actions and feelings.
Main Setting: New York City; which was absolutely perfect for this book!
Plot: Like I said before, I absolutely loved the story line here. Jesse finds an old antique desk that is created by the makers of the resolute desk. After trying many combinations, he is able to access the secret compartment and in it he finds an old document from the Revolutionary era written in Latin.

After contacting an old friend to appraise the value and find a seller, the friend ends up murdered in his antique shop. So Jesse not only meets a beautiful detective but also has to find a new buyer on his own. Jesse contacts William Nash knowing little about him, except he has the connections Jesse needs. When he is expecting Mr. Nash to show up a hired hit man shows up and tries to kill him. Jesse ends up running via a hidden tunnel. But he quickly learns that he is a very wanted man, by the wrong people. Unsure why they are so interested in him he begins to research the document hoping to find something out. I don’t want to give away too much of the story because you really need to read this book but once the action starts, it just doesn’t stop.
Writing Style: I loved JT Lewis’s writing style! It is reminiscent of Clive Cussler in my opinion, right down to using the authors name as a character in the book. There was pretty much non-stop action here. Everything was brought together nicely before the end of the book.
Cover: The cover was eye catching, a little Indiana Jones-ish!
Stars:  5

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